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MCD Delhi Circle Rate

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What Is Circle Rate?

Circle rates in particular area depend up on the infrastructure and other basic parameter in that area. Circle rate controlled the prices for sales and purchase of properties.

  • The property rates may increased by certain hike in MCD delhi circle rate by the Delhi government.
  • MCD delhi new circle rate decides the prices of properties. Hence, the registration fee and stamp duty may increase now.
  • It is calculated as a percentage of the registered price of a property.

Actual market price is driven by the demand and supply of a property in particular area. The main cause for the notification for a MCD delhi circle rate in a given area to simplify the assessment of stamp duty. It will bring in transparency in the registration process of properties in Delhi.

MCD delhi new circle rate in different areas :

All colonies in delhi has been categorized in  — A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H from 2011, the circle rates based on the MCD categorization are given below:

  • A – Rs. 86,000 Per sqm
  • B – Rs. 68,200 Per sqm
  • C – Rs. 54,600 Per sqm
  • D – Rs. 43,600 Per sqm
  • E – Rs. 36,800 Per sqm
  • F – Rs. 32,200 Per sqm
  • G – Rs. 27,400 Per sqm
  • H– Rs. 13,800 Per sqm


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