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MCD Department Of Delhi

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List Of MCD Department Of Delhi :

Delhi is known for its complexity MCD department of delhi is constituted with several other and numerous numbers of branches in it to control and regulate, as it is an autonomous body which work on its own, but there is news around that, government try increase its control over MCD. This include -

  • Advertisement
  • Committee and corporation
  • Dams
  • Community services
  • Horticulture
  • IT
  • Toll tax
  • Licensing
  • Municipal secretary office
  • Land and states
  • Labor welfare department
  • MCD education department of delhi
  • MCD health department of delhi
  • Voluntary services
  • Taxation
  • Remunerative secretary services    

MCD Health Department Of Delhi :

The main aim and objective of MCD department of delhi sub department MCD health department of delhi municipal corporation of Delhi is to facilitate health care to the population which comes under the territory of MCD. They work for training, curative, rehabilitative, and preventive and research process. It acts as the main governing body health care and medical related awareness and various other programmes. Diseases like water born and vector born are come under preventive programmes, MCD health department of delhi:

Formulate and design various strategies and policies to run their department. This department is categorized into two categories first one is public health administration and another one is hospital administration. There are six major hospitals are running and managed by the municipal corporation which are highly equipped with advance technologies.  MCD department of delhi also work for disastrous situation, sports meet religious relies and etc. to provide healthcare facility at that time.

MCD Education Department Of Delhi :

  • As one of the major  MCD department of delhi is MCD education department of delhi which is equally important place with the  MCD health department of delhi and play an important role in the Delhi region education issues and development works . they run private and government schools, primary, secondary, senior secondary schools are running under MCD education department of delhi in the area some of these schools are listed below:
    1. maharshi ramanand
    2. gyan jyoti model
    3. sister navodita
    4. new diamond
    5. kasturi modl school
  • These are some of the schools of  MCD education department of delhi which are quite well in their performance.

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