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Education Department

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Education Department :

Education is the only way to promote economic improvement, social change, modernity and integration on a national scale. The National Policy came to being in 1986 and was later changed in 1992 to ensure that education was provided to all students. It was irrespective of which caste they belonged or their gender. The aim was to promote a sense of having one nation with strong valued integration. Light was thrown on the need to under a metamorphosis when it came to the system of education in the country. The need for giving more attention to Science and Technology was highlighted. Children are must be provided education free up and until the age of 14. It is the Directorate of Education efforts to have this policy be implemented on the ground. The facilities to be provided are explained to be like stage, namely – pre-primary, primary, middle, senior secondary and university education levels. The first two levels are to be provided by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.


The Municipal Corporation of Delhi came to being in early 1958 when the Delhi Municipal Commute and all other existing local governing bodies were merged into one. The Corporation’s existence was a created under the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957. The jurisdiction of which, covers the whole of Delhi except some areas which are taken care of the New Delhi Municipal Committee and the Delhi Cantonment committee.

Mission / Vision

The National Policy on Education was revised in 1992 and made elementary education a top priority. The Children have a right to compulsory education for free under the  Children to free and compulsory education Act of 2009. This Act too stresses upon the imperative nature of implementing this and holds the Education department responsible for the same. There is pressure to ensure all children up to the age of 14 to enroll themselves;

  • Vast strides of improvement when it comes to education quality;
  • Making provision for those kids with special requirements;
  • Imparting training for children who are out of school and a conscious effort to allow them to merge in with the mainstream; and
  • Prepare and ensure maintenance of records of each and every child under the age of 14.

The RTE Act aims are being pursued under the MCD.  Many schemes and welfare projects have come up to achieve goals of education. This also acts like an incentive for kids coming from economically weak backgrounds to reduce the drop-out rate and avoid absenteeism.


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