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MCD Trade and Storage License

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The MCD or Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is taking up the work of making the system that goes in the renewal of trade and issuing of the storage licences convenient, simple, which saves time and also trade friendly soon, as told by the Mayor of Delhi Kanwar Sain today. While he was addressing the media people, he said that it is necessary for the traders to get the mcd trade licence form and get the licence in order to run the trade, store materials and goods and hence according  to the survey it is estimated that out of eight lakh traders only 55,000 have registered with the MCD and posses a proper mcd trade license in delhi.

It is felt by many of the traders that the process that goes into obtaining of the licenses is very tedious and time taking and hence are reluctant to obtain one. This results in the revenue generation getting affected for the civic body for up to an amount of Rs.100 crores. Sain also added that ever since the enforcement of the Act of DMC in the year 1957, has come the profile concerning the trade of the city has gone through a huge transformation. Because of the advancements in technology many new goods and trades started coming into existence in the last 50 years.

However, they have not got covered under the prevailing Storage Policy or the Trade Licensing of civic body. Now as said by Sain, he proposes to get in new trade storage under / trade under the policies. These includes activities pertaining to the storage and trade in regards to the computer peripherals, computers, branded eateries, malls which have branded shops, furnishings, home appliances, saloons, mobiles and spa services, also the branded gyms and offices which provide financial services are included. He also added that a couple of months ago, there was a pilot project which was undertaken by the MCD department to conduct doorstep services and survey for the renewal or issuance of the storage and trade licenses in Chandni Chowk and Kashmere Gate.

The traders welcomed this kind of survey and their response encouraged the MCD and hence has proposed to inculcate the said practices in regards to the issuing of the storage and trade licneses and ensures that this procedure is standard and convenient to the traders.

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